Thứ Ba, 27 tháng 9, 2016

While holding parties in Halong Bay is an ever more popular trend, it has faced opposition from locals who fear that tourism will ruin the caves.

Partying in caves
According to Image Halong Cruise Company, visitors who book places on their high-class boats can order to hold party in Trong, Tien and Soi Kim caves. 
However, they have to book several weeks in advance because the company has to prepare and transport large amounts of equipment, food and employees to the caves.
Parties have been held in the caves for several years. Since then, many companies have opened their own services because of increasing demand and good profits. 
It is also widely advertised on internet, especially on the website.
Tourist groups of over 10 people can party in caves with the price of VND3m (USD136) a head. Smaller groups have to pay from VND4m to VND5m.
However, Le Chinh, former deputy head of Management Board of Quang Ninh's Historical Sites, said holding parties in caves was unreasonable because it could pollute the environment.
Vu Van Hung, director of Halong Fishing Village Co-operative said, "Halong is a heritage site so we must preserve it. We can't ignore the risks just for profits. I’ve lived here for 50 years and I really don't approve of this cave partying. There are many ways to develop sustainable tourism, why do they choose this?"
Ho Quang Huy, vice chairman of Halong City, said they had asked Halong Bay Management Board to review the situation and propose solutions.
According to Decision 1139 of Quang Ninh People's Committee last year about preserving Halong Bay with view toward 2020, catering service, events and celebration parties are banned from caves in the bay, especially Trong and Dong Tien caves.

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