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Southeast Asia is constantly celebrated for astounding and shocking goals which will make travelers experiencing passionate feelings for in the principal going to. Be that as it may, there is one thing which is likewise turning into the most appealing things with vacationers is cooking styles which are so extraordinary and novel. In this manner, the post will present exceptional dishes which are considered as the pride of Southeast Asian nations.

1 Vietnam

When discussing Vietnam, sightseers can not overlook extraordinary cooking styles which have many components from a great many years in culinary culture. Along these lines, when going to the wonderful nation, you can not miss the rundown of tasty sustenances in there, for example, bread, Pho, spotlight et cetera.


Bread is a "remainder" of the old pioneer administration, yet it is the top culinary delicacy in Vietnam. Every one of the fixings, from grilled meat, plates of mixed greens, sauces and pizzas, offer awesome taste at super-modest costs.

Pho: on the off chance that you have an opportunity to visit Hanoi yet you don't have time appreciate Pho which is considered as you have not ever visit Vietnam yet. The dish is notable all through the world; Vietnamese pho is viewed as "the dish of heaven"

Cao Lau: Only in Hoi A, Cao Lau is the most delectable and peculiar noodle on the planet.

2 Malaysia

In Malaysia, particularly in Penang, you can locate the best nourishment in Southeast Asia. This culinary paradise is outstanding to some degree because of the one of a kind flavors and recondite procedures of Chinese migrants. When going by Malaysia, you can not to be missed

Indian Cuisine

Noodles: Most are from China. You can appreciate noodles on any road for under $1 USD, the noodles in Malaysia are incredibly delectable.

Indian Cuisine: The extensive Muslim people group in Malaysia offers tasty and sound sustenance served on banana takes off.

3 Thailand

There is no compelling reason to present Thai dishes by Thai cushion; Thai curry and other super zesty dishes themselves have conveyed the nation's brilliant pagoda notoriety to the world.

Cushion Thai: Thai moment noodles are produced using straightforward fixings including rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, lemonade and peanuts, consolidated with Thai flavors to bring crisp and one of a kind flavors.

Pad Thai

Thai Curry: Thai curries are the whole of the particularly unique flavors with the sweetness of coconut drain, the zesty taste of bean stew and the extraordinary smell of curry powder. This brings an entire scope of dishes to invigorate most extreme taste.

Thailand additionally has a horde of road sustenance on the planet, with not exactly $ 1; you can completely have incredible supper in the city.

4 Cambodia

Khmer dishes may not be too known as the nourishment universes of their neighbors, yet they are likewise heavenly and one of a kind. The dishes as a rule have a vital flavoring fiery sauce, which gives an alternate flavor to rice and curry dishes.

Amok: Cambodia's most prevalent curry is typically angle, now and again with chicken. Meat is marinated with nearby flavors and served on banana clears out.

Bai Cha: Unique imagination from hotdog and soy sauce will make you cherish


5 Laos

Laotian food has a solid comparability with the neighboring nations of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Be that as it may, this nation additionally has many intriguing and individual dishes.

Laap: Laap is a customary Lao sustenance, utilized as a part of extraordinary events and importance great nourishment. The Laap comprises of minced meat, marinated rice marinated with angle sauce and lemon juice.

Papaya Salad: The dish is fundamentally the same as Thailand's Son Tum which is additionally crunchy, acrid, zesty, sweet and amazingly solid.

Papaya Salad

Ping Pa: Ping Pa is produced using freshwater angle (Laos without ocean), marinated until the point that the fish meat ends up noticeably dry chasing. A comparative variation of the chicken named Ping Gai is a smoky and addictive dish

6 Philippines

Philippines food is entireties up Asian flavors and impacts from Spanish and European cooking.

Adobo: This dish is pervasive in the Philippine nation, adobe is meat or fish stewed with vinegar and flavors, and afterward broiled brilliant fresh.

Pancit: Pancit is essentially a dish produced using any sort of noodles with meat and vegetables, however they have life-changing flavors and flavors.

Kare-Kare: Beef, hamburger and vegetables are added to the soup with peanuts, shaping a flavorful and great stew.

Really, each dish will bring diverse taste and feeling for travelers however it will be fascinating and remarkable encounters with vacationers when going by these nations.

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Inspired by the name of one of the thousands of caves in Halong Bay – a mysterious cave hosting a hidden lake in which fairies are said to have come to bathe, La Fairy Cruise has been the significant member of Halong cruises fleet. This traditionally styled is newly built with eleven deluxe sea-view and premium balcony cabins equipped with modern and comfortable amenities such as natural hardwood floors and furniture, indicidually controlled air-conditioning, hot and cold shower, sea-view windows, hair dryer, etc, which provide tourists the most comfortable stay on board. We also host a crew staff who are enthusiastic, friendly, experienced and always willing to give you support as well as the world high-class services. Exploring Halong Bay with La Fairy Cruise will surely be one of the unforgettable parts of your life.

La Fairy Cruise

La Fairy Cruise

Dinner in cave every night

Dining in a cave is one of the most special and exciting activities in Halong Bay. After a full day of exploring, swimming, visiting islands and floating villages, or kayaking, when the sky gets dark, you will be transferred to the cave. A lot of candles are lighted, tables are well set up and decorated and food are ready to serve all of you.

La Fairy Cruise

La Fairy Cruise

Excursion of Halong Bay is an essential part of your holiday

Coming to Halong Bay, you can't miss the chance to explore natural splendors here. Just get on the junk, you will sail on the crystal blue water and explore every picturesque spots of the bay such as magical caves, islets, beauches, floating villages, untouched islands, and the opportunity to enjoy numerous appertizing seafood.

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Bun Thang - Hanoi Delicacy
Bun thang (“Ladder” soft noodle soup – Bún Thang)  is typical dish for Culinary Arts of Hanoi. It is said that Hanoi cuisine is very picky, subtle, and it is also true with Bun Thang.

Bun thang in Hanoi cuisine
Part of the attraction of this dish is that it is not so easy to find and so one doesn’t get to taste it everyday. Moreover, Bun Thang might taste delicious in one place but not necessarily be as good somewhere else.

Bun Thang – Hanoi Delicacy
“Bun”, of course, is the Vietnamese word for round rice noodles, “thang” is a word of Chinese origin that literally means “a soup”, but the word also means “ladder” in Vietnamese. People say that eating Bun Thang is like climbing a ladder – just as you go up a ladder one step at a time, you eat one bowl after another of this delicious soup. Bun Thang, then, has little to do with any ordinary soup or potage such as snake-headed mullet soup and water dropwort soup, or with the soup made of crab paste, nep-tunia and water morning-glory.

When it can be served
In some families, there are old women who know how to make a mouth-watering Bun Thang – what a pity they show their skill only once or twice a year, after the first three days of Tet.

Bun Thang – Hanoi Delicacy
People often have a party serving bún thang on the 4th or 5th day of the Tet holiday. When one feels tired of the square sticky rice cake or greasy food like pork pie, spring roll, trotter stew, meat pie, Bun Thang is the ideal dish. This delicacy satisfies all the requirements for an interesting soup full of sour, hot, and tasty flavors without being heavy or greasy. Like other kinds of noodle soup, this delicacy uses similar ingredients: round rice noodles blanched briefly in boiling water, broth, some protein, spices, etc. However, to make it perfect requires particularly strict and rigorous cooking techniques. A savory bowl of Bun Thang depends first and foremost on Thang or broth.
Bun Thang must be ranked highly among the culinary specialties of Vietnam.

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Victoria harbor
Hong Kong is a wonderful destination in Asia where you can visit a lot of amazing places and delicious foods. Furthermore, Hong Kong is also known as the paradise for shopping and interesting activities. Therefore, the post will help you know more the best things to do in Hong Kong for an unforgettable trip.

Hong Kong Island
This is the center of economy and culture of Hong Kong which is concentrated all the most beautiful and expensive things of the destination.

The Peak
The Peak
If you want to soak up whole Hong Kong’s landscape, the peak is the ideal place for you. Moreover, when visiting there, you can visit Madame Tussauds museum which opens from 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM as well as shopping and foods areas.

For transferring, you have more than one choice for visiting the place such as bus, taxi, minibus or subway, but you should use the subway to save money which is also the fastest way to visit the Peak. Another way, you can catch the ferry at Tsim Sha Tsui harbor.

Sky 100
Sky 100
Located at the top of the highest building of Hong Kong, Sky 100 will bring for tourists 360oviewing angle the highest in the city. For getting the place, you will use high-speed elevator, you’ve just 60 seconds for transferring. Besides admiring the beauty, you can visit and learn more about history and culture of Hong Kong via exhibition room in there.

The Star Ferry
Star Ferry ferries carry passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon since 1888. Therefore, a lot of tourists want to use the means for traveling. Furthermore, National Geographic channel voted Star Ferry which was one of most interesting 50 destinations in the world.

The Star Ferry
Lee garden
If you want to visit Hong Kong for shopping with cheap price, Lee Garden is the best choice for you which have dozens of shops Factory Outlet sells liquidated goods out of fashion or the season with lower price ranges from 30-70%.

Aberdeen Park
When visiting the park, you’ve never get boring because Aberdeen Park always has new performances to attract tourists each year. The park has 2 main areas including the land and the mountain and sea which you have to catch a cable car to visit each place.

Aberdeen Park
Victoria harbor
At 8:00 PM, you will admire “symphony sound, light” performances lasted 15 minutes free for tourists to Hong Kong in the harbor. For soak up the imposing performance, you should find a place for standing in Tsim Sha Tsui harbor or Star Avenue. If you visit the place in the daytime, you can catch a bus to travel around the river.

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Top 5 traditional foods in Vietnam

As usual, delicious meals in Vietnam have cheap prices and are served on folding tables and low plastic chairs in the bustling markets.
Coming to Vietnamese, travelers will be amazed by the sophistication and diversity of Vietnamese cuisine. Every city or even every village has its own specialty bringing the unique regional flavor. In order to enjoy traditional food in Vietnam with the cheapest expense, you should choose traditional markets where dishes are cooked by skillful women who get a lot of experience handed down from generation to generation.
Besides popular Vietnamese dishes such as Phở bò (rice noodles with beef), bánh mì (Vietnamese bread) and chả giò (minced pork sausage), there are many other special foods in Vietnam. This article wants to make a list of five other traditional foods in Vietnam with the price of less than one dollar.

Chè (Sweet gruel)

Chè (Sweet gruel)

Chè is a famous dessert of Vietnamese people and there are many kinds of chè. From types of chè to dessert cakes can be served hot or cold. Common ingredients include beans, sticky rice, fruit, tapioca, lotus seed and even mushroom. It is suggested that Hue and Hanoi are the best places for you to enjoy the food.

Bánh xèo (crispy pancake)

Bánh xèo (crispy pancake)

Bánh xèo is thinly coated in a large pan on a charcoal stove. Ingredients include rice flour diluted with water, shrimp, pork or squid along with mushroom or tuber.
In Saigon, bánh xèo will be subdivided and rolled in lettuces. In Dalat, small cakes are rolled in sheets of rice paper together with vegetables. In Phan Thiet, bánh xèo is dipped in sauce and accompanied with peppermint that owns aromatic and distinctive flavor. You are advised not to miss this cake if traveling to Saigon, Phan Thiet and Dalat.

Bột chiên (Pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake)

Pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake

This is one of the favorite dishes of Vietnamese students after finishing their class. This food is made from flour or Indian taro steamed on a wide shallow pan; mixed with eggs and green onion. Bột chiên is often served with carrots and pickled papaya. The sauce is from relatively dilute conventions with other common spices. It is noted that this dish is sold everywhere in Saigon.

Bánh hỏi (Soft thin vermicelli noodles)

Bánh hỏi (Soft thin vermicelli noodles)

Bánh hỏi is made from rice vermicelli freshly woven into intricate bundles. Bánh hỏi is often accompanied with roast pork or types of meat and other internal organs of pigs. This dish is served with the sauce that is mixed with lemon and sweet peppers.
It is recommended that you should go to Quy Nhon to savor bánh hỏi.

Bánh canh (Rice spaghetti)

Bánh canh (Rice spaghetti)

The name of bánh canh means that the cake is placed into the soup. This method of cooking this food was created by previous Vietnamese generations long ago. Rice spaghetti is processed from rice flour and wheat flour. A bowl of bánh canh contains other ingredients including pork, fish ball, crab meat, quail eggs, crisply deep-fried swim bladder and mushroom. Bánh canh is also called Vietnam Udon. Phan Thiet is the best choice for you to enjoy this food.