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he fat drain chickpeas in Dai Tam bread, spicy beef noodles or pancakes Lieu Ten Xiem, Can Tho is the tourists dish not to be missed while in the West.

Signature cuisine of the West is an integral part of the tourist itinerary.

Cake tribute Dai Tam, Soc Trang
A tribute slice includes 4-6 units cost about 25,000 to 30,000 dong Photo: Guo Duy Thinh
This is fairly common dish in Soc Trang people each afternoon. Cakes are sold near market sewer Dai Dai Tam Tam commune, My Xuyen district.Small cake shaped like the drain rainwater from the West should gradually accustomed people called cake sewer mouth. Cakes include pork is ground for smooth, with onion, especially indispensable green beans and some crayfish. Delicious cake when diners eat to feel the rum crispy, melt them in the mouth, greasy from chickpeas. Put fish sauce and vegetables is also an indispensable ingredient in cakes Dai Tam drain.
Address: sewer her cake shop Russia, near the University Center Market.
Spicy beef noodle, Bac Lieu
Color red peppers in a bowl noodle always makes customers feel excited Photo: Guo Duy Thinh
Color red peppers in a bowl noodle always makes customers feel excited. Photo:Guo Duy Thinh
This is quite exotic dishes created by the Chinese. Spicy beef noodle bowl full of beef includes several pieces cut out, but when eaten in very brittle, soft, not chewy. Quite spicy beef noodle water because many peppers cooked with broth dissolved into. Diners arrived, the bartender hit the jackpot noodle boiling water, leaving a few pieces of beef and peppers to fill water chan comes less coriander and basil. Diners eat the same dishes spicy salt and chilli seeds equally well. Drunk tourists night, light spicy beef noodle bowl makes a Bac Lieu, the health out immediately. Because after the first 2-3 tablespoons. Your tears will flow net for spicy, sweat and feel fresh. The price of a bowl of beef noodle around 20000-25000 depending on the type of large and small contracts.
Address: Street Cao Van Lau, Bac Lieu City (sold only in the morning).
Fish Vermicelli Chau Doc, An Giang
Sweet taste tasty noodle bowl snakehead fish, rum crispy roast pork with cork cotton Photo: Guo Duy Thinh
Sweet taste tasty noodle bowl snakehead fish, rum crispy roast pork with cork cotton. Photo: Guo Duy Thinh
This is a dish of Cambodia, Vietnam was later to become variations usual breakfast items. Raw materials for making noodles are easy to find fish such as catfish copper, fresh turmeric, lemongrass and fresh bun indispensable. This dish diners served with banana flower and vegetable.In addition to the flooding season tourists can eat with cork cotton. Diners can call first to add pork and catfish to eat together.
The price is 20,000 dong a bowl of noodles, a dish called pork costs VND 10,000.
Address: fish noodles Thao, Trung Nu Vuong, Chau Doc City.
Ten Xiem pancakes, Can Tho
Rum crispy pancakes served with vegetables and sweet and sour chili sauce cup round taste. Photo: Guo Duy Thinh
Rum crispy pancakes served with vegetables and sweet and sour chili sauce cup round taste. Photo: Guo Duy Thinh
This shop is always busy pancakes traveler car and enjoy every day. Ten Xiem pancakes with powdered preparation method should have your very own little crispy bars do. Pancakes with duck meat is finely minced pork, served with crayfish and exotic vegetables such as lentils nails, sand boas, silk shoots, leaves the way. Sauce dotted with spicy pancakes just mouth the little carrots are cut into several mixed fibers.
Partly pancakes Ten Siem VND40,000. One person is eating a moderate, because the bread is quite loud. Bar open from morning to evening sale.
Address: Coastal road in the village of Tra Noc, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City.
Paste noodles, Ben Tre
Pate simple bowl of noodle soups served with bowls. Photo: Tran Linh Tuan
This is considered a familiar dish of Ben Tre people. Famous noodles for a long pate with pieces of pate massive, very lean and toughness of the pigskin. Security soups from pork bones should be very concentrated in sugar should not give all visitors that are edible. In particular, visitors have many choices as bone pate, seafood pate, pate pig hearts. Bar open from 15h to 22h daily. Normal price for a bowl of 25,000 contracts, in addition visitors can call more discretionary items.
Address: Canyon Unified, Ward 4, Ben Tre City

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