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hanoi travel agencyIf revenues go into the poetry capital Hanoi as endless inspiration of the artist, the record date dishes that travelers do not want to leave the vacuum attachment. In the cold autumn wind, it's great to just sidewalk cafes la pears, breathing the cool weather and collecting snacks taste typical of autumn.

From how life is, "milk crumb pavement" - the gifts home leg of the quintessential images associated with the fall of Hanoi "cold rice plants yellow, red leaf tree eagle". On the lower end of the receiver from the village of Round (Cau Giay district, Hanoi) to the co-opted each sticky rice cotton stretch round yellow flowers, make plotters as nuggets. Nuggets wrapped in lotus leaf wax old or young green potato leaves, tied with golden straw has only seen Thom cravings. Com also enjoying gentle and subtle. The easiest is to use a little pinch of the fingers for each small nuggets into his mouth, slowly leisurely the soft taste, aroma, sweet to love li of nuggets. A little more sophisticated, use banana or red pepper, ripe, put on the cereal grain to feel the sweetness of the banana and pink, blend nuggets plasticity married.

From his young green cereal grains, Hanoi also cleverly invented bread crumb, fried nuggets, sticky nuggets, fried nuggets ... very tasty, bearing very own identity menstruation land. Many recent years, Hanoi nuggets presence throughout the provinces but the most delicious dishes, most true, only in the capital. By nuggets Where is only good food, but also enjoy its own flavor.

If the summer with a cool glass of sour crocodile, the Hanoi autumn afternoon with hearts of gold crocodile nursery. After nine whisper, as gentle autumn to make the space filled with a mellow shades hearts.

Just scrape alligator outside crust, cut into spirals and then mixed with salt, sugar, chili powder, you will have a delicious snack. Put a small piece of crocodile bite to his mouth, saw enough sour - bitter - salty - sweet melting on the tongue. The most delicious fruit is hand-picked once, so after eating can also add a little sucked're ecstatic kingdom on the fingers.

After Crocodile and cereal, fruit has a pink can not forget is soaked. Persimmons appeared around the 8th lunar month when Hanoi Budding autumn and is one of the dishes on trays indispensable Autumn.

Outer green idea but when added up inside the yellow-orange, slightly sweet taste and eat very crispy. Hong soaked arose only just over month after the full moon in August is a little slowly and then quickly end should make people gloat, tinged with regret.

Writer Vu Bang each simile: "By season without eating, as a beautiful woman has to take charge of flowers age, weighing a conviction would later regret remember" when talking about the ball flies - bold style dishes you fall Hanoi. Flies appear late September early October, when the weather changes, erratic rain and sun. Who will first hit the startled by the strange shape of the flies swarming like earthworms, enough blue, brown, gold ... But the form slightly "unpleasant", but this is irresistible delicacies if reluctant to wait until next year for a half season only three days to appear chips are out.

Flies high in protein, can cook beets, steamed, stir-fried beet leaves, fried braces braces ... but the most unusual is still doing rolls. You sound so-bar, bitter flavor of citrus peel as rolls, egg and meat fatty, sweet or fragrant aroma and a half of it is ... awaken the senses to enjoy. All year round, Hang Combs, Grilled Fish, Jiayu ... have the right to sell a half but to eat the main dish of fresh and a half, you should look to this new fall Hanoi fully enjoy its special flavor.

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